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Chlorine or Salt? Which type of Swimming Pool is right for you?

Many considering a new pool for a house, or even those with an existing pool, sometimes ask the question, what are the benefits of salt water over chlorine pools? For example, maybe you have a chlorine pool and heard about you friends place with a salt pool and the “health benefits”. Which type of pool […]

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Green with confidence

How to fix a green swimming pool Having your own pool is meant to be both a joy to look at and enjoy swimming in. The crystal clear water shimmering in the sunlight sets off many properties perfectly, usually with design that has taken a lot of time, money and love to create.  Having your […]


New to Krabi? 2021 Area Guide

Krabi – All major areas detailed to the uninitiated, 2021 update.


Life in the Sandbox

Phuket opens it’s doors to direct International travel from 1st July 2020, pushing to return its covid-19 hit travel and hospitality industry to working order by introducing a ‘sandbox’ model to the island province. This will allow international flights into the island without the need for vaccinated visitors to undergo any form of quarantine. Previously […]

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Top 5 – Krabi Property Sale Bargains

Everyone loves a bargain, right? Thanks to the current economic situation there are bargains everywhere but even more so in the property world at the moment. However, this does come with a few caveats. Many Thai owned unleveraged properties, that is properties that don’t have mortgages against them, the owners are not under pressure to […]